SPRING RECITAL-We know it seems early to be thinking about our recital in May but it is time to order costumes. Some costumes take up to 16 weeks to ship! The recital package includes…Recital Costume, Hair piece, Recital Tee-shirt and Recital fee (which includes facility rental, insurance, administration, paid staff, music, lighting, all print, janitorial…..etc).. Our theme this year is: “Celebrating 30 years” May 4th @ Rose Wagner Theatre.

RECITAL PACKAGES: (non companies)

Recital packages paid BEFORE DECEMBER 1st -$165.   

**Combo classes for 3-5 yr old-$150

Recital packages paid AFTER DECEMBER 1st-$175.  

**Combo classes for 3-5 yr old are $160

~If you are in multiple classes, you only have to purchase a separate costume. You do not need to pay  another recital fee . Each additional costume is $65.


 Costumes paid after the December 1st are NOT guaranteed to arrive on time for the spring recital and will have a $10 additional shipping fee per costume.  No costumes will be ordered after January 1st.


We will be measuring the girls for costumes and tee-shirts starting November 1st. If you want to see what their costume looks like, we have a poster in the office for you to see!



If you checked yes to perform when you registered with us online, this performing package will automatically go into your cart. PLEASE let us know BEFORE the 8th if you DO NOT want to perform in your classes.  


Half of this amount will go into your cart on November 8th, and run on November 15th. The other half will will be run with January tuition. If your dancer is in more than one performing class, and you have checked yes that you want to perform, we will automatically assume that your dancer is performing in all of their classes unless you let us know otherwise. 


 If you are NOT performing, let us know and we can remove it. If you don’t see the package in your cart, and you want to perform, let us know ASAP.