If you are interested in performing at the Festival of Trees, and your class is Performing  (classes going listed below), please read the info below.


PERFORMANCE IS Friday November 30th at  11:30a.m.. Dancers need to be to the South Towne Expo center at 10:30a.m. sharp at the South end of the building. Dancers need to come completely read to perform. Parking can be a nightmare so please plan to leave EARLY. More info to come in the November Newsletter!



Clogging Companies-Mollly

Liz K-1 Mondays at 5

Liz morning Children's classes (Tues/Wed)

Alisa and Liz night Children's combo classes (Tues, Wed)

Boys HH-will not have the $30 fee.  Boys will wear jeans and a solid red shirt with sneakers.

Alisa HH-Wednesday 4:00

Jr Premier-Molly

Meg-Jazz k-1 and 1-2 (Tuesdays)

Kaitlyn- Jazz 3

Patricks Piece



PRACTICE-If you are in any of the classes above, and want to perform, you will be learning the routine at the end of dance class the next couple of months. Please make sure you don’t miss classes as we only have about 8 weeks to learn these routines. Dancers that miss excessively will not be able to perform.  Dress reh will be in classes the week of November 26th.  


CHRISTMAS COSTUMES There is a Christmas costume fee of $30. This will NOT be the costume we use for the Spring Recital. It is just a Christmas costume.   You will need to get your some accessories on your own such as tights and dance shoes, leotard for the Christmas costume.  $30 needs to be turned in before October 15th.     *companies will wear company costumes and not pay the $30.  Items of what you will need to go with your Christmas costume to be sent later.


HOW TO PAY-You can add $30 to your cart and then we will know you are performing.  You can do this by going into your account and paying $30. PLEASE email us after you do this so we know that the $30 is going towards performing. You can come in the office and pay. You can email us to run your card for $30. Costumes will not be ordered if we haven’t received your money and we will assume that you are not performing if we don’t have payment.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to call, email or come in. Thanks