Recital tickets go on sale TOMORROW, April 1st! The link to buying tickets through ArtTix is below. 


As many of you know, we usually do our recital at Olympus High School. This year, however, Olympus told us that they only had Memorial Day weekend available. We know this would inconvenience our dancers, and is much later in the year than we usually do our recitals. This is the reason we decided on Rose Wagner. It's our 30th year as a studio, and it'll be so fun for our dancers to perform on such a well-known and popular Utah stage. Because Rose Wagner is smaller, and also so that families didn't have to sit through a 3 hour long show, we did 3 separate shows this year. (see recital packet for more information). We worked as hard as we could to keep families together in one show, but we know that we couldn't get everyone. Because Rose Wagner uses ArtTix, we have no control over the pricing of tickets, however we have worked with them this last week to get a discount for those purchasing multiple tickets to multiple shows. ArtTix has allowed us to give a $2.50 discount per ticket per show. This discount should be automatic when you buy tickets to more than one show. 


Please let us know if you have any questions, however, please be aware that if you have questions about tickets specifically, or are having problems with your tickets, to contact ArtTix directly. 


Another reminder that there are 3 separate shows - one at 1pm, one at 3:30pm, and one at 6:00pm. We sent out which dances would be in which show in the recital packet. You can also view the recital orders on our website - . Please make sure you are aware of which show you need to buy tickets to. (Note: some of you have reached out to us about costume changes and we have made changes, but know that the dances in each show won't change.)




Thank you for your support! We are so excited to see all of our dancer's hard work this year at our recital!