Do you want to perform this summer?

Do you want to perform this summer.......



The Holladay Arts Council has invited our studio as an entre act for the opening concert of their Summer Concert Series.   It’s on Saturday, July 14th.  Dancers need to be there at 6:30p.m.and we will perform from 7:15-7:50p.m. This is located at the Holladay City Building and park area. 


We will be performing in front of the outdoor bandstand on the wide stairs and grass areas.  Last year they had at least 400-500 people attending. It’s a really fun outdoor concert series. People bring their own lawn chairs or blankets.

This is a Disney themed performance and all dancers are invited!


Here are the groups we want to have perform:

Miss Liz's Mary Poppins dancers Wednesday morning dancers

Reh date: Wednesday July 11th 10a.m.-10:30a.m.

Costume: Recital Costume

Miss Liz's Dalmatians Tuesday morning

Reh Date: Wednesday July 11th 10:30-11a.m.

Costume: Recital Costume

Miss Liz's 9:00 Wednesday Kindergarten

Reh Date:Wednesday July 11 9:30a.m-10a.m.

Costume: Recital Costume

Miss Alisa's Crocodile dancers

Reh Date: Monday July 9th 5-5:30pm

Costume: Recital Costume

ALL Dancers ages 6-10 invited to learn a short Disney dance BOYS INVITED TOO!

Reh Date: Monday And Wednesday July 9th & 11th 5:30-7p.m.

Costume: Black Leotard, black leggings, any kind of apron.

All Company dancers-Will do a Disney production routine

Reh Date: during summer session classes

Costume: Recital Tees and black bikers

ADVANCED Cloggers-New Disney routine

Reh Date: during summer session

Costume: Recital Costume

**Invited duets and solos


This doesn't cost you any money!  We will use costumes from the recital or items we have.


Please let us know if you can perform with us.  Listed below each group will  be their rehearsal time. Please attend this to practice your routine before we perform.  THANKS